Join us for Worship
Sundays at 9:30 am and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm


Helpful Tips for Indoor Services:

  • If you plan to stay in your car when worship is inside the church, please park near the windows on the south side of the sanctuary.  This greatly helps our greeters and ushers to locate car parishioners so they can check that you can hear the service, have a bulletin and or communion, and to get an accurate count of who is at church that day.  Thank you in advance for parking in the area of the parking lot near the sanctuary windows.

  • If you plan to go inside for worship, please keep in mind the following:

    • Please give six feet of space between you and the person/family in front of you when entering the church.

    • Greeters will meet you at the door to get your name on our sign in sheet and have you sanitize your hands.  Please go towards the sanctuary to find your seat and avoid gathering in the narthex.  

    • Ushers will meet you at the sanctuary doors.  They will have a bulletin for you.  They will also have you pick up Communion if it is being served that day.  

    • When entering the church, pick an open row to sit in.  The odd rows are the open rows to choose from.  If you are the first person/family to sit in a row, please go all the way to the end of the row.  If there are other people in the row, leave three empty chairs between you and the next person/family.  Doing these steps helps us to seat as many people possible in a safe way.  

    • Once you are seated, please stay seated and visit with those sitting around you.  

    • When church is finished, the ushers will dismiss people row by row starting with the back row of the church.  There is a recycling bin for bulletins and a garbage can for Communion cups by the sanctuary doors.

    • Please exit the church and avoid stopping to visit until you are outside the church. 

We know these are more steps then we have had in the past, but it helps to keep all of our members safe and allows us to continue to have in person worship.  Thank you in advance for your assistance with these items.

We welcome you with open hearts.

If you've been thinking, praying, searching, or hoping for a place to belong,

We Say Welcome!! 

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first and third Sunday of the month and on festival days.

All are welcome.